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Mu Cheng, founder of Mu Cheng Voice Studios, is a professional voice actor with over 10 years of experience.


Mu Cheng is known for his voice acting diversity and ability to quickly get into characters with accuracy. Mu Cheng has worked extensively in voiceover and dubbing work for various media formats, including radio broadcasting, radio dramas, films, web videos, cartoons, video games, and audio books.


Some of Mu Chengs work includes:


· Teacher Gui in the film Bang Bang, High School

· Various characters in the web drama Leave Me Alone

· 6 different characters in the radio drama Sheng Shi Kuang Ge 

· Over 50 different characters for 20 different cartoons, including the popular hit show Crazy Guibao 

· Over 20 different characters for 7 different video games, including the main character in the hugely popular The Lost Tomb 

· Cartoon jazz rabbit

· Large domestic action game Rain Blood ChroniclesMirage

· The Spirit Breaker in the game derivative 3d animation The Tower Will Go On


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